Party Supplies

Get the Kettle On

Fancy a tea party?


Spring has landed, flowers are blooming, little lambs are bleating and it’s tipping it down outside…So what better than to throw a tea party in the warmth of your own home!


We’re here to help and give you all the tools to pull off a tea party fit for the queen, or your auntie Mabel.


Work out a plan

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It doesn’t have to be overly stressful. Parties are as stressful as you make them – it’s all in the planning.


If you set yourself up in advance, you’ll be prepared for anything!


The key is organisation! So sit down and make a list. We love a good list… It’s just nice to tick things off as you go – makes you feel like you have accomplished something. Think about things like….


Get going

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Once you have answers to these questions and feel ready to get the ball rolling, you can invite people! If you’re ready with your venue, menu, theme and dress code then everyone knows the plan.


Your guests will know where they need to go, what to wear, if they need to eat before, if it’s just tea and cake, or to save a little space for a feast of sarnis, cakes, nibbles and pints of tea!


Now you know there isn’t going to be confused mad hatters at your tea party you can really start planning.


Party Decorations

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Start with the decorations first. We advise forward thinking a month in advance. Jot down those ideas when you’re making a list. Decide if you’re going to be making decorations- like a paper tissue garland. Or if you’re going to be stocking up on the latest products from Partyrama!


You could always get your order in early, so you know you’re happy with your products and have the opportunity to change anything before your tea party arrives. If you are making anything get these done at least the week before, so there’s no last minute attempts at a paper puff ball! (We sell them anyway so don’t fret!)


Party Food

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Once your decorations are prepped, it’s time to think about food. You already have your list of what you’re serving so you shouldn’t be worried about that at this point. All you need to do is buy and prepare. Go shopping as early as necessary – bearing in mind ‘use by’ dates of course. Make sure the day before the tea party is kept free if you are the designated baker / sandwich spreader!


Try and keep your fridge fairly clear in preparation for trays of sandwiches, cakes, cream teas, fruit bowls and any other chilled goods you want to serve up. For those lucky devils hiring a caterer – put your feet up!


*Top tip* to keep sandwiches fresh, arrange them in a single layer, in an airtight container, cover in wax paper and then a damp tea towel before sealing and storing in the fridge.


Decorate your venue!

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Then all that’s left to do is the decorations, again if you can get these done the day before then great, if not allow time in the morning to dress your venue.


Whether it’s hanging up bunting, tassel garlands, and fairy lights, or putting together the cake stand, setting up your buffet table or arranging flowers.


If it’s all ready and waiting you should get everything set and ready within one hour for a small venue. If you can get some little helpers then that’s always a bonus!


Last Touches

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Don’t forget to get yourself ready too!


Get into your costume if you have gone down that route, or at least make sure you’re presentable… Get your goodies out on the buffet table around 15-30 minutes before your guests arrive so everything is as fresh as can be, light a few candles, pop some music on in the background and you’re ready to rumble.


Choice of tea

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As it’s a tea party, there’s obviously tea being served… But save the boiling for when the guests arrive. Serve up cold beverages one by one whilst waiting for all your RSVP’s to turn up. Then once you’re all there, take the drinks orders. You can then cater to everyone’s tastes – whether they all want earl grey, or there’s the odd one after a chamomile, everyone will have a nice hot brew!


Natter on, chow down and relax, because you have just pulled off the best tea party going!