Graduation Party Supplies

Fancy a Nibble?

Hands up who’s been planning a party, and when it got to the food, hit a blank…. Us too!


You’d think it was super easy – lay out some crisps, sarnis and cakes, but then you think some more, and you want to impress your guests, so then it gets complicated. There’s so many factors! What do your guests like? Are they vegetarian? Any Allergies? Well we’ve done some research, and found some new, fun and creative ideas to put into place at your next Do!


Bite size party food ideas


For something, quick, easy and simple, yet utterly delish, we’ve found a great recipe for bruschetta! You could use a cookie cutter to cut your baguette, into smaller pieces for a more bite size snack, or shape it to your theme! Add some extras if you’re feeling really adventurous – our fave is crab meat!



Next up we have something a little different for the vegetarians among us. Some lovely Cauliflower Pakoras! We all love a chicken pakora alongside our curry, but for a veggie twist serve up some cauliflower and you could team it with side dish of curry sauce, or chutney.


For those of us that can’t resist a cheesy slice of pizza, then these mini deep dish pizzas are right up your street!


Our favourite has got to be Nigella lawsons honey and mustard cocktail sausages.Sweet, sticky and absolutely scrumptious! Serve with some cocktail sticks as things might get a little messy.




Skewers and party picks


To be honest, anything miniature and on a stick will go down a treat! Fruit kebabs, salad kebabs, cheese and tomato kebabs! If you can skewer it then your guests will be thrilled. Anything that can be eaten whilst mingling and walking about is always popular. How about some crackerjack king prawns? Fill a small clear cup or shot glass with your spicy dip and Prawns for a tasty treat that’s quick to munch. The key to the perfect party food, is minimum effort and minimum mess!