Wedding Cake

Cake Trends

Today we are looking at Cakes! Specifically Wedding cakes.


Now on your big day it’s all about the bride. Lets face it, she is the main attraction, but coming shortly after is the cake!


Traditionally, the cake was made to bring good luck to all of the guests and the couple, nowadays it is a focal point for the big day, sometimes not even being eaten! Madness!





The cutting of the cake originally began with the bride handing out the cake to the guests before eating a piece herself to ensure fertility. Now the tradition goes that the bride and groom would share a piece of cake before dishing it out to the guests to symbolize their union and their promise to forever provide for each other. Awww. Sweet right?!


Over time I’m sure you, yourself have seen some cracking pictures of over the top, lavish Wedding cakes with ornate frosting at obscene heights! Lately the trend seems to be a lot more simpler! Phew! One style that is a big hit is the one tier, plain iced cake with a bold statement cake topper. You can be really creative with this – make it personal to you, or match it with your Wedding theme.





Icing is important too, many opt for the marzipan coating, but we are loving the slap dash, roughly applied butter icing. Its looks rustic and home made, yet simple and classy. Has anyone tried to achieve an ombre effect to their icing yet? A definite challenge but the finished result looks awesome!


We have plenty of supplies to help you make a masterpiece for your big day, so please don’t be afraid to experiment. And don’t forget to show us the evidence! Share, Tag, Tweet or email your photos – we may even give you a shout out and share your creation on the web!