How to Make A Glowing Jelly Skull!

Make a delicious glowing jelly skull this Halloween!


Thrill your family and friends with this fun sweet treat that is sure to be the talking point of any Halloween party…


What you’ll need for 1 jelly skull (serves 4)…


• Skull jelly mould – available here for £1.89.

• 1x packet of jelly (135g) – we used Hartley’s Orange Flavour Jelly.

• ½ pint Indian tonic water (this is what causes the glow!).

• ½ pint boiling water.

• Blacklight – we recommend either a strip light or a torch.

• Heatproof measuring jug.


Let’s begin!

1) Pop the jelly into a heatproof measuring jug and carefully pour in 1/2 pint boiling water.


2) Leave for 10 minutes until the jelly mixture has dissolved completely.


3) Then, pour in 1/2 pint of Indian tonic water and stir well.


4) Leave the mixture for another 10 minutes to further cool.


5) Once cooled, transfer mixture into your skull mould and then pop it into the fridge for 5-6 hours, or until completely set.


6) When it’s ready, carefully tip the jelly mould upside down, and wait for the jelly skull to pop onto the plate/serving platter!

It may take a little while to come loose, so you’ll need to be patient!

7) Once the jelly is out of the mould, switch on your blacklight and behold!

Spooky glowing jelly!

We think these glowing jelly skulls are a fantastic addition to any Halloween party – they look great on display but also – dig in!!! Yum!


We’d love to know if you give our glowing jelly skull a go this Halloween – please tag us if you do.


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Until next time folks – creep it real!


The Bajaj Family & The Partyrama Team