Christmas Pudding Cupcake

Christmas Pudding Cupcakes

Christmas is a wonderful time of year to get creative baking with the family, and one of our favourite cupcakes are Christmas Pudding cupcakes!  


In this guide, we will show you a quick and easy way to put together a fabulous Christmas Pudding cupcake topper that looks delightful and tastes great too.  Using simple fondant icing and a handful of tools, you will be able to put together a batch of cupcakes that will impress your family and help to bring the magic of Christmas to your table.  So without further ado, let’s get into the recipe for these super Christmas cupcakes!


Finished Christmas Pudding Cupcake


Items Needed


  • Cupcakes (We baked ours using this lovely lemon cupcake recipe, but feel free to use your own!)
  • Buttercream (We recommend using this recipe, but feel free to use your own!)
  • Chocolate Flavoured Fondant Icing
  • White Fondant Icing
  • Green Fondant Icing
  • Red Fondant Icing
  • Edible Glue
  • Icing Sugar (for rolling fondant)


Don’t Forget These Tools…


  • Small Spatula
  • Small Brush (for edible glue)
  • Round Cookie Cutter (a size or two larger than your cupcake)
  • Icing Roller
  • Star Shaped Cutter
  • Leaf Shaped Cutter
  • Icing Tools (for detail)




Using a spatula, apply a good dollop of buttercream to the cupcake, and smooth it into a domed shape.


Spreading Buttercream Onto CupcakeApplying Buttercream To The Cupcake

Buttercream Fully Applied To The Cupcake


Roll out a ball of chocolate fondant icing about half a centimetre in thickness, and then using a round cutter that is slightly wider than your cupcake, cut out a circle.


Ball of Chocolate Fondant IcingRolling Out Chocolate Fondant Icing

Round Disc Of Chocolate Fondant


Carefully lift the disc onto the centre of the cupcake, then using your fingers, mould it into a slight dome over the buttercream.


Placing The Chocolate Fondant Icing Onto The CupcakeSmoothing Out The Chocolate Fondant Icing Onto The Cupcake

The Chocolate Fondant Icing Fully Domed On The Cupcake


Roll out some white fondant icing to roughly 1/4cm in thickness, then using a medium sized star shaped cutter, cut out a star shape.


Rolling Out White Fondant IcingCutting A Star Shape Out Of White Fondant

White Fondant Icing Cut Into A Star Shape


Apply a little blob of edible glue to the top of the cupcake, then using a spatula, carefully place the star in the centre of the cupcake.


Putting Edible Glue On The CupcakeFixing The Star To The Cupcake

Cupcake With White Fondant Star Applied


Roll out some green fondant icing to roughly 1/4cm thickness.  Using a icing cutter in the shape of a leaf, cut out three leaf shapes.  Use a thin icing tool to draw on some detail onto the leaves.


Rolling Out Green Fondant IcingCutting Out Leaf Shapes

Adding Detail To The Green Leaf Fondant Icing Shape


Apply three blobs of edible glue to the top of the icing star, and then arrange your leaves as seen in the picture below.


Applying The Leaves To The Top Of The Cupcake


Roll three small balls of red fondant icing in between your fingers, then stick them to the centre of the leaves using edible glue.


Putting The Icing Berries On Top Of The Cupcake


Tada!  Your Christmas Pudding Cupcake Topper is complete!  If you enjoyed this article then please feel free to share with your friends, and feel free to share your creations with us via social media on Facebook and Twitter.  Don’t forget, for all your Christmas decorations and party essentials, check out our online store over at   Happy Christmas!