Easter Party Supplies

We’ve Had Some Hatchings…

The Classic Chocolate nest recipe… easy peasy!


Using our Brightly Coloured Mixing bowls and an Easter themed cupcake kit, we could have made these in the office!


With Easter not being far off, we wanted to kick start the build up with some nice and easy chocolate nests. Perfect for getting the kids involved! We hope all of you have already given these a go in some form… if not, then you can shake things up a little with different cereals, different chocolate and much more! Go on… Live a little!


You only need a few bits for this:


  • 360 g Chocolate
    (Whichever brand is your fave for eating! You could always posh things up a bit with some nice dark chocolate and some fruit and nuts in the ‘nest’)
  • 6 Shredded Wheat pillows
  • 180 g Mini eggs
  • 14 Paper cupcake liners


These quantities are what we used to make around 14 nests, but you can change them to suit you.




Start by melting your chocolate. You can either melt in a bowl over some hot water, or if you’re lazy like us and strapped for time just bung it in the microwave! Stir between 30 second bursts until nice and silky smooth! Crush up those Shredded wheat and mix together. SIMPLES! Pop your cupcake liners in a muffin tin to help keep their shape and begin filling with chocolate covered wheat. Make a little ‘well’ in the middle for your eggs to sit comfortably. You need to work quite fast so it doesn’t begin to set.






Egg time! Fill your nests with around 2 or 3 small chocolate eggs, (Or any other confectionery for that matter) and decorate accordingly. We stabbed ours with some cupcake toppers for our Easter theme. You should be left with a nice handful of chocolate eggs, if you’re following our recipe, so you can stuff your face whilst these are setting in the fridge!






An hour or so in the fridge should do it for those impatient types. But we left ours over night so they were nice and solid the next day ready for the warehouse team!





As usual, don’t forget to share your finished products on Social media using the hashtag ‘#Partyrama’!