Party Decorations

A Little DIY…

Here at Partyrama, we are always looking at ways to keep costs down when planning parties. Whether thats giving you the best price around for our helium tanks, doing some great bulk discounts for those larger orders and even some fun DIY ideas to get your creative juices flowing!


A big trend at the moment is tissue paper tassel garlands.  They are perfect for dressing your venue, whatever the occasion. So we had to give it a go! We stock plenty of tissue paper so you can attempt this at home for your next big bash.


You Will Need:


  • Tissue Paper – However many colours you want
  • Scissors
  • Glue / elastic band (Loom Bands work perfectly!)
  • String/curling ribbon 




To get started we laid out the tissue so we just had the one large sheet. We then folded it in half horizontally then in half again vertically.Then the shredding begun! Try not to snip too high as you will need to have a bit of room to twist a loop.


Once you have well and truly shredded the tissue, unfold horizontally so you have a nice clean bit of tissue between your shreds. Now twist this and form a loop.





You can either use Glue (We used a nice hot glue gun – be careful now!) or you can use an elastic band to hold it. We ran out of glue on the last 2 tassels so opted for loom bands which worked very well!


And repeat!




We then thread each one onto some curling ribbon and voila!You can be as neat or as sloppy as you like. The finished product will definitely turn heads at your party!