Summer Party Supplies

Summer Solstice

Summer is nearly here! Saturday the 21st marks the day of the summer solstice, which means, officially, summer has begun.


What are your summer plans? Heading off somewhere hot? Or maybe just spending time with the kids.  We have lots of ideas to keep them entertained if you’re starting to run out of steam!


  • Make pain free nunchuks out of foam pool noodles.
  • Get out the water guns
  • Make friendship bracelets
  • Go on a bike ride
  • Make a fort – hours of fun!
  • Create a water slide in the garden with tarpaulin and washing up liquid!
  • Build some homes for the creatures in the garden.
  • Tie dye! Fun for the kids and make some stylish new clothes!
  • Put on a play – Builds their confidence as well as being fun
  • Balloon Ping Pong!


Or if you’re not heading off to Stonehenge, to greet the longest day today, then how about a celebration of your own. We have all the supplies to throw a garden party if the weather holds up! If not, bring the sunshine inside with our bright and colourful decorations.
Summer is the perfect opportunity to celebrate – Everyone’s happy as the sun is shining, a lot of people have time off work, Christmas is still a while off, so there’s no need to fret quite yet. So enjoy these next couple of months and soak up the summer party vibes!