Halloween Cupcakes

New in for Halloween!

We know, we know! We keep bringing up Halloween and its still only August…


But we’re only making sure everyone is ready and prepared – leaving more time for some spooky celebrating this October!  So we have ordered some new supplies into the warehouse ready for Halloween Including our new Halloween Checkered theme that includes bold and funky tableware, door posters, loot bags and much more! We love this new range as it can be used for all ages – with its fun and simple design.






Along with some new tableware we have sourced some new Halloween Gore! How about a nice bag of eyes at your party!
*Top Tip* When including gruesome props in your decorations, don’t make them too obvious! Strategically place items where people won’t notice them instantly, giving the element of surprise when finally discovered!







A trend that has been spreading through the party scene the past year or so is bottle decorations. Customise your wine bottles, or soda bottles with spooky wraps. Serve up some refreshing ‘Zombie extract’ to your guests this Halloween!