Halloween Scene Setters

How To Put Up Scene Setters

Have you come across our Scene Setters whilst browsing for your party supplies, and thought ‘ What on earth is that?’. We have had lots of confusion over what they do and what they are for, so we are here to explain all, and banish any negative opinions about these mystery decorations. 




Say for example, you are hosting a Halloween party (It is after all, creeping up on us slowly, but surely!).You want to create an eerie vibe throughout the house, but don’t have the time or money to create individual props.


So in comes Partyrama, and creates a scene in seconds.






You now live in a spooky gothic manor!


Basically we have ‘Room rolls’ that wrap around your room, like wallpaper but with less effort, creating a backdrop for your event. And then ‘Add ons’ that you can stick on top of your ‘room roll’ to really transform your venue.


They are lightweight, plastic sheets that you can cut to size, if you want to. Stick them up with Tape, Sticky Tac, Staples – you name it! Takes a matter of minutes and you can turn your living room into a gruesome, bloody dungeon to really creep your guests out this Halloween!


You can even use them outside, so if the weather hasn’t turned out as nice as you had hoped for your BBQ, you can bring the sun, sand AND sea with our tropical beach scenes! The Palm Tree ‘add ons’ are a great addition to any summer bash.




Perfect for DIY photo booths, photo shoots and even for decorating the children’s playroom – they don’t have to be temporary!