Grown Up Pinata

Sleepy Summer

Throughout the Summer, many of you are scratching your heads as to what to do with your kids to keep them entertained.

We are forever posting tips and ideas on Facebook, Twitter or on Pinterest. But they get bored, want to move on and do something different, and you’re usually about 2 minutes into the activity. So we have something to keep them busy this summer – Camping! 




You don’t have to go anywhere – just stick to the back garden, or if the weathers naff – take it inside and invite all your little one’s friends over for a sleepover with a difference. If you have a small tent that’s perfect!


Alternatively if it’s really dry and warm out, lay down some plastic sheeting and build a good old fashioned ‘fort’ out of bed linen, filled with duvets, cushions, blankets and sleeping bags to make it nice and cosy.


Kickstart with some early evening entertainment, this can include making paper plate dreamcatchers to hang in their tents, performing to their friends with inflatable instruments, and watching movies inside with plenty of Popcorn!




If there is a fire safety warden on hand, toast some marshmallows over a BBQ ‘campfire’. Go on a Scavenger hunt round the garden, hide some teddies and make a list for them to tick off as they go. And one treat that cannot be missed is the Pinata! Fill with plenty of goodies and sweets to save for the midnight feast and then smash it to pieces! A great way to let off steam and tire them out before they settle down under the stars!