Pirate Bunting

Pirate Bunting: DIY

Fancy getting crafty and creating something interesting for your next Party?


This DIY is so simple and requires no sewing skills whatsoever! So heat up your glue gun and get ready to create some Pirate Party Bunting!  Lets get started with the following:


  • 1 Metre of Black material
  • 1 Metre of Black and White striped material
  • White felt
  • 2 Metres of Gold rope
  • Glue gun (or glue stick if its easier)
  • Scissors




Lets start with our plain black fabric. Unfold it so its lying flat.  Fold it in half lengthways with the opening at the bottom.  Measure out 20 CM sections and cut.






With each one, open up and position the rope at the top of the crease and continue to glue down the edges.  Make sure you have left some room so the rope can slide through easily so it makes positioning the finished bunting a lot easier.  Now its time to put our pirate touch on there.  Start by cutting triangles on the bottom to create a jagged effect.






You can be as neat or messy as you like.

Using your white felt – cut out your best skull and crossbones.

Then with your Black and White striped fabric, repeat the steps again (minus the skull).






And Voila!