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Grab a Camera and Strike a Pose!

The Oscars are right around the corner, so for those planning a red carpet event in true Hollywood fashion, make sure you follow our guide to creating the perfect Photo Booth!


Our first tip, is choose your spot wisely. You don’t want to position your Photo booth in an area where your guests aren’t going to notice it or have to make a huge effort to get to… Keep it in full view so your guests can still be spontaneous!


Next make sure there is enough space for a group of people to all gather in and pose together. We’re not taking our passport photos now people…we need movement! Take a leaf out of Alison’s, from ‘The Alison Show’, book and get quirky. She is queen of the photo booth as we all know!


Make it pretty. Get creative! Cover bakers paper or a large sheet in confetti, Gold sequins, Mirrors or simply cover the main wall in our shimmer curtains, fringing, or even our paper fans! There’s so much you can do – just make sure it suits your theme.


Lay out plenty of props for your guests to use – anything from Fancy dress Wigs, Glasses, Hats, Swords to Inflatables, Movie Clapper boards or even chalkboards personalised to your party.







Brighten up the booth with lamps, and check your camera has a flash!Set up your camera! Keep it on a tripod, so people know what the booth is all about. If you have a remote for the camera then that’s perfect – be sure to keep it safe.


Alternatively selfie sticks, as we’re sure you all know, are perfect for this sort of thing… Or simply get your guests to hash tag their social media uploads so you can see them too! Make sure it’s something unique though, or you’ll be seeing some very random images….