Photo Box

New Toys in the Office

We have been a little excited in the office the past few weeks to say the least!


It’s pretty clear we aren’t using the best equipment to take photos of our products – A pop up tent, some lights and a bog standard digital camera isn’t producing any jaw-droppingly amazing shots now is it.


So good old management decided to give us all a little treat with a new camera, which is awesome! But then they went a whole lot further and got the most epic piece of equipment known to man. Well to Partyrama anyway!



We have been blessed with a cool new desktop photostudio with built in lighting AND a rotating turntable so we can take 360 degree shots of our products! This hefty bit of equipment took a little effort getting up the stairs and into our office – but boy was it worth it. We’ve been having so much fun, rotating anything and everything to create 360 degree animations. From tape measures, batteries and pen boxes!


This is great news for us and you!


We get to update all our pictures now with some great shots and for the items that need it – a 360 degree animation, so you get to see the whole product up close before you buy! Perfect for items such as pinatas, awards, trophies and centrepieces.