Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween Party Ideas – Crafts, Food And Decorations

The spookiest date on the calendar provides tons of opportunity for fun, and to help you out with your parties we have compiled a list of wonderful Halloween party ideas!  Featuring fiendish food, blood-curdling crafts and devilish decorations, take your Halloween party to the next level with this collection of amazingly atrocious ideas!


For lots more Halloween party ideas, take a look at our Pinterest board, and don’t forget to visit Partyrama for all of your Halloween party supplies!


Bake Some Mini Ghost Cookies

Mini Ghost Cookies


No Halloween is complete without some sweet treats, and these mini ghost cookies are excellent little biscuits that the kids can get involved with baking too!  Delicious, cheap and easy – the perfect blend of snack and craft for your Halloween party.



Carve A Next Level Pumpkin

Amazing Halloween Pumpkin Ideas


If you are anything like us, then you’ll be a fan of carving pumpkins at Halloween.  Similarly, if you’re anything like us then you are ultra competitive when it comes to who can carve the best Halloween pumpkin (editors note – I am the best!).  With this in mind check out these wonderful ideas for some next level pumpkin designs, and why not turn it into a competition with prizes for the best?  Halloween is all about getting involved with fun, so get stuck in!



Watch Out For Bats!

Halloween Inflatable Bat by Partyrama


Spooky decorations are a must at Halloween, so head on over to Partyrama where you’ll find some fantastic decorations like this awesome inflatable bat!  They are great fun and not to dramatic so they don’t scare the children – inflatables like this bat are great fun for Halloween lovers of all ages.



Use Your Brain

Watermelon Brain - Unique Halloween Party Ideas


How freaky is this?  Carve a watermelon brain for your Halloween table and both delight and freak out your guests in equal measure.  The contrast in colour between the skin and fruit flesh is striking, making these watermelon brains  a remarkable centrepiece for your Halloween table spread.



Make A Spooky Paper Mache Skull

Paper Mache Skull


Making your own Halloween decorations is a lot of fun, and if you are really into going all out with your decor, then this paper mache skull is definitely worth a try.  Impress your guests with the level of your craftsmanship this Halloween, with one of our favourite Halloween party ideas.



Bash A Pumpkin Pinata

Pumpkin Pinata by Partyrama


Halloween and pumpkins go together like peas in a pod, and this Halloween pumpkin pinata is an excellent addition to the decorations as well as being an awesome party game.  Perfect for kids and grown ups, simply fill with sweets and treats, then take in turns to bash open to get your goodies.  Yummy!



Bake The Ultimate Halloween Cake

Salted Caramel Apple Snickers Cake for Halloween


This.  Cake.  OMG.  When we first came across this amazing slice of cakey goodness, we simply had to make it ourselves.  A salted caramel, apple and snickers chocolate cake for Halloween.  HEAVEN.  Bake it yourself, and see that the hype is real.  Oh yes, it’s real indeed.  YUM.  One of the best Halloween party ideas ever!



Show Off With Some Amazing Cupcakes

Halloween Cupcake Toppers


We made these in-house (courtesy of the amazing Shilpa), and they are excellent fun for Halloween.  Not as difficult to bake as they may look (thanks in part to our excellent step by step guide), this lovely collection of Halloween cupcake toppers are superb for Halloween parties and will be a real talking point for your guests.



Wear A Silly Ghost Costume

DIY Ghost Costume


As well as crafts, one of the key elements to any Halloween party is dressing up.  Some years are all about the extravagant, however we are fans of the more minimal and simple approach.  The bed-sheet ghost costume is one of the most classic and iconic of all Halloween costumes, and this simple yet effective design can be modified for adults as well as being great for kids.



Watch Out For Freddy!

Freddy Krueger Lifesize Cutout by Partyrama


1… 2… Freddy’s coming for you…”  If he’s coming for you anyway, why not invite Freddy and his other horror movie icon friends over to the party this Halloween?  Partyrama have a superb selection of Halloween lifesize cardboard cutouts that make perfect accessories for your event.  Just don’t fall asleep and you’ll be ok!


What are your best Halloween party ideas?  If we’ve missed any, make sure you tell us!  Get in touch on our Facebook and Twitter pages, and we hope you enjoy an extra special Halloween this year.