St Georges Day Party Ideas

St Georges Day Party Ideas

The English love to celebrate St George’s Day, and with that in mind we have put together a great list of St George’s Day party ideas for you!  A fantastic selection of crafts, decorations, party food and more, ideal for your parties on the 23rd April!


For even more St Georges Day party ideas, don’t forget to check out our St George’s Day Pinterest Board.  Don’t forget, visit our St George’s Day party supplies page for all of your party supply needs!


Make A St Georges Day Perler Bead Dragon

St Georges Day Dragon Perler Beats


We love Perler beads (or Hama beats as some people know them), and this St George’s dragon design is a lovely little memento you can make with the kids.  Not only can you make a dragon, but why not make a St George’s cross too?  


Hang The English Flag With Pride!

England Flag by Partyrama for St Georges Day


The most important patriotic decoration, the English Flag is vital when celebrating St Georges’ Day.  Available from Partyrama, fly your colours with pride this 23rd April!


Cook A Traditional Toad In The Hole



A wonderfully British meal, this Toad In The Hole recipe is a wonderful meal to share on St George’s Day.  Don’t forget lots of thick gravy!


Use A Tenner Tea Towel From Partyrama!

£10 Tea Towel from Partyrama


These £10 note tea towels are a real talking point in the kitchen, and are great additions to the English theme you will be setting up for your St George’s Day party!


Make St. George & The Dragon Finger Puppets

St George & The Dragon Finger Puppets


A lovely craft to make with the kids, these St George and the dragon finger puppets are one of our favourite St George’s Day party ideas!  You can also perform a Punch & Judy style play for them too!


Wear Your Party St George’s Bowler Hat

St Georges Bowler Hat from Partyrama


Keep bowlin’ bowlin’ bowlin’!  These St George’s Day bowler hats are great ways to express your patriotic side, and look great at any England themed party or event.


Bake A Fabulous Victoria Sponge

Victoria Sponge Recipe


This fabulous Victoria Sponge recipe is one of the nicest traditional English cakes you can find, and a slice goes down lovely with a cup of tea.  Bake one of these yummy treats and serve it up at your party!


Bake Some Biscuits With The Family

St Georges Biscuits


Another fantastic bake, these St George Cross biscuits are just like patriotic home made jammy dodgers, and everyone loves a jammy dodger!  Put these on your party table and watch them disappear!


Serve On Patriotic Plates From Partyrama!

St Georges Day Plates From Partyrama


Take your serveware to the next level with these amazing St George’s cross plates.  Not only do Partyrama have these plates, but a whole set of St George’s day themed tableware and serveware.  Ideal presentation pieces for your St George’s Day party ideas!


Make A St George & The Dragon Castle

Make A St George And The Dragon Castle


Made out of every day items you will have hanging around the house, this St George and the dragon castle craft is a beautiful slice of homemade fun.  Get the kids involved for an afternoon of creative goodness, and let their imaginations run wild this St George’s Day!


What are your favourite fun St Georges’s Day party ideas?  We’d love to hear from you!  Let us know on our Facebook and Twitter pages, and have a wonderful St George’s Day this 23rd April.