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9 Fantastic Gender Reveal Ideas

Gender reveals have become big in recent years. With everybody trying to come up with bigger and better ideas, it has become a fun way to publicly announce whether you are having a girl or a boy. So much so that it has become one of the best ways to go viral on the internet!

Here are our 9 fantastic ways to carry out your own reveal…


Gender Reveal Pinata

What a fun way to reveal the sex of your baby. Grab a bat and a blindfold– not sure this could be done by both of you!– and hit away until the pinata breaks to reveal blue or pink confetti.


Gender Reveal Paint Gun

Now, this you can do together. Have a friend or family member fill the water gun with coloured water (food colouring should work fine) and get them to spray both of you!!


Themed Drinks

If you already know the gender of your baby yourself you may want to surprise your guests with themed drinks as the reveal. For a boy, you could choose a Blue Hawaiian, Blue Lagoon or Big Easy Blue Punch. For a girl Pink Lady, Pink Gin or Pink Champagne. It’s up to you at which point you reveal the drinks but having them hidden under a cloth or served by waiters dressed in the colours too are two interesting ways to make the statement.



You have a couple of options here. You could go for one large balloon coming out of a large cardboard box, several balloons coming out of a box or how about one massive balloon filled with confetti? If you are revealing to other children how about you make a treasure trail with balloons tied to a tree at the end?


Jess Ranger Gender Reveal



Treat your guests to some very special cupcakes. When they bite into them will there be a pink or a blue filling?!


Gender Reveal Confetti Shooter

These are a firm favourite and great fun for everybody to use and watch. Gather all of your guests around and build up the tension, then boom! Pink or blue confetti everywhere… or maybe one of each?!


gender reveal confetti


Have custom made t-shirts with your family’s details (surname, we are growing by one, due date etc) and on the back have the statement ‘it’s a boy/girl!’ written in blue or pink. You could even rip off your top layer of clothes to reveal the t-shirts underneath.


Fortune Cookies

Have fortune cookies specially made with a note inside, what it says is completely up to you. Hand one to each guest as they arrive with instructions on when to open. 


Gender Reveal Smoke Bomb

Have your guests surround you outside (preferably!) and wait for your chosen special person to let the smoke bomb off. Pink or blue smoke will surround you and your partner and make a stunning moment and will be very picture perfect!


gender reveal smoke bomb


How did you reveal yours? Let us know, we’d love to hear from you!


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