Hollywood Party Ideas

Hollywood Party Ideas – Crafts, Food And Decorations

People all around the world love to party like the stars, so we have put together our favourite Hollywood party ideas to help you make the most of your award winning party!  Full of awesome crafts, party food and party decorations, make your movie themed night one to remember!


For even more Hollywood party ideas, take a look at our Pinterest board, and don’t forget to visit Partyrama for all of your Hollywood party supplies!


Lay Out The Red Carpet

Red Carpet with Poles from Partyrama

Lay out the VIP ropes and poles for you and your guests for that real A-lister treatment.  Enter your venue like a star!


Make Some Hot Dog Tuxedos

Hot Dog Tuxedos

You’ve got to love these delicious and super cute looking hot dogs in tuxedos.  A real crowd pleaser and one of the best Hollywood party ideas we have seen!


Set The Scene

Hollywood Red Carpet Scene Setter at Partyrama

These Hollywood scene setters from Partyrama are excellent for creating that awards ceremony feel, and they are really easy to put up too!  Decorate your walls with these and feel like a real star!


Make A Hollywood Glamour Mirror

DIY Hollywood Style Mirror

Bring out your inner diva and make one of these fabulous Hollywood glamour mirrors!  Doing your make up will never feel bland again.


Ready, Steady… Action!

Small Clapperboard at Partyrama

That huge Hollywood icon… no, not Arnie, but the mighty Clapperboard!  No Hollywood party is complete without one of these floating around – just make sure you mind your fingers!


Bake Some Awesome Hollywood Cupcakes

Hollywood Cupcakes

These stylish and cute Hollywood cupcakes make an excellent sweet treat at an event like this.  The different designs make them a really funky snack and will have people talking about them for weeks after!


Serve Some Champagne Cocktails

Hollywood Champagne Cocktails

No exclusive party is complete without getting the champers out.  These champagne cocktails are super elegant and just as yummy as having champagne solo – get involved! 


Dress Them In Bow Ties

Champagne Flute Bow Ties

When you make the above cocktails, why not dress them to impress too?  These quality little DIY mini bow ties for drinks are wonderful conversation pieces and really add to the party atmosphere. 


Hand Out The Big Awards

Oscar Statue Lifesize Cutout

If you really want to make a statement, why not pick up one of these giant Oscar statue cutouts from Partyrama?  Standing at nearly 6ft tall, these enormous golden cardboard statues will really add something special to your Hollywood theme.


Don’t Forget The Popcorn

Popcorn Boxes at Partyrama

Movies and popcorn go together like peas and carrots.  Or Jenny and Forrest.  You get the picture.  If you’re going to have popcorn at your party then you’ll need a suitable popcorn box to munch from, and these are quite simply superb!


Make A Movie Camera

DIY Movie Camera

These home made movie cameras are quite frankly ridiculous, but that’s why we like them.  Run around the party with one of these bad boys and watch everyone play up and do some ridiculous things.  Stupid and fun – just how we like our parties!


What are your favourite Hollywood party ideas?  If we’ve missed any, let us know!  Get in touch on our Facebook and Twitter pages, and we hope you have a most glamorous Hollywood party!