Christmas Party Ideas

Christmas Party Ideas – Crafts, Food And Decorations

The most wonderful and magical time of the year deserves an extra special approach, which is why we have compiled this list of beautiful and easy Christmas party ideas!  Featuring festive food, Christmas crafts and delightful decorations, these lovely ideas will help to spruce up your Christmas celebrations and add a awesome personal touch to proceedings.


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Bake These Delightful Sugar Cookies

Christmas Sugar Cookies


Nothing beats a nice bake you can do with the family, and we really recommend the recipe for these Christmas sugar cookies.  Shape and decorate them in all of your traditional Christmas favourites, and get the kids involved as a lovely Christmas activity!



Make A Cork Reindeer Craft

Reindeer Cork Ornaments


Funny, silly and perfect for making with children, these cork reindeer crafts are a wonderful way to keep them quiet this Christmas and get them involved in something practical!  Pipe cleaners, sticky eyes and nose and a cork are all you need, yet the end results are brilliant.  Use them as keepsakes or Christmas tree decorations for maximum effect.



Give Santa Your Christmas List!

Santa Lifesize Cutout by Partyrama


Perfect for those who like lots of presents, this Santa lifesize cardboard cutout is a really fun addition to your living room at Christmas time.  Write a list of things people want, keep the scores of Christmas games played, write the Christmas dinner menu on there or use your own creativity to find unique ways to use the space on the Santa’s scroll.  Simply wonderful!



Paper Plate Christmas Tree Crafts

Christmas Tree Paper Plate Craft


Another great little craft that children can get involved with, these fabulous Christmas tree paper plate crafts are really nice activities for everyone to make this Christmas.  When we tried these we added a little glitter into the mix, and you can use your creativity to really personalise this super fun DIY Christmas decoration.



Slurp Down Some Eggnog

Homemade Eggnog


The American classic that is finding its way into more and more homes here in Britain, this eggnog recipe is a delicious and festive drink that can be enjoyed by all.  Don’t let the name put you off, it truly is a tasty drink and very easy to make at home.  Well worth a try we reckon!


Make And Break A DIY Gingerbread Man Pinata

DIY Gingerbread Pinata


As one of Europe’s leading stockists of pinatas, we naturally love a solid pinata, and we simply adore this DIY gingerbread man pinata.  It’s not the easiest thing to make, but with a little perseverance and tact you can make one as stunning as in the photos in this blog post.  If you just want to pick up a pinata without the hassle of making it yourself, check out our range of super pinatas and accessories – there’s something for everyone!



Decorate These Clever Snowman Donuts

Snowman Donuts - Christmas Party Ideas


We honestly don’t know anyone who doesn’t love a donut, so who could resist one of these awesome looking snowman donuts?  Not only do they look superb, they taste amazing too and will be a real talking point over Christmas.  Impressive and easily baked, just how we like our home made Christmas treats!



Pop This Honeycomb Snowman On Your Table

Honeycomb Snowman Decoration by Partyrama


This honeycomb snowman Christmas decoration is adorable and available at Partyrama.  This decoration and others like it will help flesh out the mix of your decorations between the home made and ones that you have bought.  At an incredibly low price, you’d be crazy to miss out.  We love him!



Hang Up Your Stockings

Christmas Stocking by Partyrama


Christmas just isn’t Christmas without Christmas stockings being hung up for Santa to fill on his travels.  We used to get chocolate oranges, little toys and puzzles, chocolate coins and other sweets and treats from Santa on Christmas morning in ours… what will you get in yours this year?



Leave Some Mulled Wine Cupcakes Out For Santa

Mulled Wine Christmas Cupcakes


We all know that Santa loves to smash through mince pies and carrots for Rudolph on his Christmas journey, but if you really want to impress him then put together this mulled wine cupcake recipe.  He’ll definitely put you in his good books then!  Absolutely delicious and extra special looking, this truly is a fabulous cupcake recipe for festive times and one of our favourite Christmas party ideas.



Get Your Plates Ready For A Christmas Feast!

Christmas Paper Plate by Partyrama


If you’re having a Christmas buffet or a larger event, then you’ll definitely need some extra plates and serveware.  These Christmas paper plates do a wonderful job of keeping down the washing up!  With a beautiful snowman design, these are really worth considering for your Christmas party!


What are your best Christmas party ideas?  If we’ve missed any, make sure you tell us!  Get in touch on our Facebook and Twitter pages, and we hope you enjoy an extra special Christmas time this year.