Queen's Birthday Party Ideas

Queen’s Birthday Party Ideas – Crafts, Food And Decorations Fit For A Queen!

We love a good royal shindig, so we thought we’d put together a list of our favourite Queen’s Birthday Party Ideas.  Covering a variety of patriotic decorations, fun regal decorations and party food fit for a Queen! 

For even more Queen’s Birthday Party Ideas, take a look at our Pinterest board, and don’t forget to visit Partyrama for all of your Queen’s Birthday party supplies!


Make Yummy Traditional Scones With Jam

Traditional Scones With Clotted Cream And Jam


Yum yum yum!  We put together these traditional scones with clotted cream and jam, and they are especially delicious.  Check out our easy to make recipe and serve with tea!


Make And Wear Super DIY Royal Robes

DIY Royal Robes Costume


These super royal robes costumes are great fun for the kids, and are cheap and easy DIY fancy dress costumes too.  They are a lovely way to get your little princes and princesses involved in the festivities!


Fly The Patriotic Union Jack Flag

Buy Union Jack Flag at Partyrama


No Queen’s Birthday celebration would be complete without the Union Jack Flag flying high!  Pick up yours from Partyrama, along with a wide variety of other United Kingdom flavoured party goodies!


Hang These Superb Union Jack Decorations

Union Jack Hanging Decorations from Partyrama




Why stop at just the flag?  These wonderful Union Jack hanging decorations are some of my favourite on the site, and look fantastic in the flesh!  If you plan on livening up your Queen’s Birthday party, then these hanging decorations are a must.


Make These Beautiful Rose Centrepieces

Queens Birthday DIY Rose Table Decorations


A beautiful and intricate, yet easy to put together craft for Her Majesty!  These stunning DIY rose centrepieces make for fabulous table decorations, not to mention talking points.  Queen’s Birthday crafts have never looked so awesome!


Invite The Queen Over For Afternoon Tea

Queen Elizabeth Lifesize Cutout


If she can’t make it in person, why not invite her cardboard doppelganger?  This superb Queen Elizabeth Lifesize Cutout from Partyrama is great quality, and will really make your party a standout event!


Bake Some Superb Summer Sausage Rolls

Summer Sausage Rolls Recipe


British party.  Check.  Sausage rolls.  Check.  The ultimate in British street party food, the loyal British sausage roll has served Her Majesty for years – now let it serve you and your guests!


Put On Your Golden Crowns

Queens Golden Crown from Partyrama


No Queen’s Birthday celebration would be complete without royal headgear, and these golden crowns from Partyrama are superb and fashionable accessories.  Put one of these on and boss your subjects around – that’s what we plan to do anyway!


Craft These Wonderful Royal Crackers

Royal DIY Crackers For The Queens Birthday Party


Believe it or not, crackers aren’t just for Christmas.  We love these patriotic DIY royal crackers, and they are as easy to make as they are vibrant.  Get the kids together for some uber-fun Queen’s Birthday craft times!


Eat Some Delicious Coronation Chicken Sandwiches

Coronation Chicken Sandwiches for the Queens Birthday Party


Coronation chicken is one of our favourite sandwiches in the office, and judging by the name, the Queen loves them too!  These delicious coronation chicken sandwiches are the perfect party food for a perfect party day.


What are your favourite Queen’s Birthday party ideas?  If we’ve missed any, let us know!  Get in touch on our Facebook and Twitter pages, and have a fabulous Queen’s Birthday party.