Bonfire Night Party Ideas

Bonfire Night Party Ideas – Crafts, Food And Decorations

Remember, remember, the 5th of November… not only that, but throw a fantastic Guy Fawkes Night party with our wonderful collection of Bonfire Night party ideas.  Sourced from across the internet, these represent a selection of our favourite ideas for this dazzling evening of fun, and are family friendly too!


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Make Some Yummy Cinder Toffee

Cinder Toffee Recipe


If you’ve never had this delicious treat, then you really need to have a go at making this cinder toffee recipe.  Yummy and perfect for a bonfire night party, this is a lovely sweet snack which is great for munching on after the fireworks. 



Lovely Fireworks Ring Crafts

Fireworks Ring Crafts - Bonfire Night Party Ideas


A smashing little craft to make with the kids, we love these fireworks ring crafts.  Cheap, effortless and sparkly – these are excellent fun for both kids and grown ups and help to make your Guy Fawkes night an extra special occasion.



Light Some Sparklers (Carefully!)

Hand Held Sparklers by Partyrama


Bonfire night simply isn’t complete without sparklers!  Our fondest memories of Bonfire Night involve waving a sparkler around making shapes in the air (carefully of course!), and we still do to this day.  Brilliant, beautiful and a vital part of Bonfire Night culture.



Catherine Wheel Toad In The Hole!

Catherine Wheel Toad In The Hole


If you need a yummy meal for your Bonfire Night gathering, this catherine wheel toad in the hole is a topical and delicious dinner and is one of our favourite Bonfire Night party ideas.  The presentation is fantastic, and this particular recipe is super hearty and perfect for this time of year.



Let Off Some Magical Sky Lanterns

Sky Lanterns by Partyrama


Another one of our favourite evening events, letting off these fantastic sky lanterns is ideal for after the fireworks.  Make your wish, light them and let them go up into the sky.  Magical, wonderful and exciting for everyone there, these biodegradable sky lanterns come highly recommended.



Traditional Toffee Apples Are Yummy

Toffee Apples Recipe


Toffee apples are a great snack for Bonfire Night, and this is a great toffee apple recipe.  Lovely for kids and adults alike, this traditional British treat is a Guy Fawkes night classic. 



Light Your Bamboo Torches

Bamboo Torches by Partyrama


If you’ve not seen these before, you will be wowed by these superb bamboo torches.  They make great decorative pieces in gardens, parks, fields and wherever else your fireworks display might take place.  



Make These Sparkly Rockets Crafts With The Kids

Sparkly Rockets Craft


If you’re looking for a fun craft to make with the kids, you can’t go wrong with these sparkly rocket crafts.  A safe way for the kids to enjoy fireworks without being near any explosives, these are excellent activities to keep them busy this Bonfire Night!



Wave Your Glowsticks!

Glow Sticks by Partyrama


Light, bright and excellent for Guy Fawkes night celebrations, these neon glowsticks really help to add to the mood.  Cheap, cheerful, lively and fun for both children and adults, glow sticks are an excellent accessory for your Bonfire Night event.



Get Creative With Lovely Salt Art Fireworks

Salt Art Fireworks


We have only been aware of the delights that salt art provides, and it really is great fun.  These salt art fireworks are a wonderful activity for Guy Fawkes night, and comes highly recommended.  Check them out above and get involved!



What are your best Bonfire Night party ideas?  If we’ve missed any, make sure you tell us!  Get in touch on our Facebook and Twitter pages, and we hope you enjoy an extra special Guy Fawkes Night this year.