Healthy Party Food Ideas For Children

Healthy Party Food Ideas For Kids

Kid’s party food can be healthy – get some ideas from our selection of nourishing nibbles for the pickiest of palates!


We’re all very aware of the importance of eating healthily and putting away our five-a-day. More often than not though, this concept seems to very easily fly out of the window when planning and preparing an impressive party spread to feed our little ones and their group of companions.


Kid’s celebrations are often synonymous with saccharine soaked sickly-sweet treats and an endless slew of party-sized fat-saturated savouries; iced rings, cakes, crisps and luminously-hued fizzy drinks. Not to say that a treat every now and then is a bad thing. But, the never-ending buffet table with an alluring offering of snacks, stretching almost as far as the eye can see, isn’t the easiest of situations to practice reserve in… even for the fully-fledged grown-ups amongst us!


As well as being a treat for the tummy, these colourful, vivid spreads of ‘classic’ party food are also a literal full-on visual banquet for the eyes. A common misnomer is that healthy food is somewhat bland, both in flavour and on sight. However, as you’ll notice from our list below, nature can provide an entire spectrum of colour and a multitude of delicious flavours that are able to rival anything you might find synthetically mass-produced in a packet or bottle. You can guarantee that what you whip-up will be anything but dull.


There are great nutritional benefits to be had and these snacks also come with the added bonus of not having a marauding, sugar-charged pack of additive-fuelled children and their subsequent, unavoidable sugar crash to manage at the end of the bash, which can mean nothing but more fun all round!


If you aren’t ready to go full-on with an alternative spread, how about adding some healthier options into the mix? It’s always good to offer some variety and to try something a bit different. Think an undertaking such a this will be an all-encompassing, time-consuming affair? We’ve picked perfect recipes for those of you who find yourselves short on precious hours (who doesn’t?!) Many of these options also have the benefit of being free from certain ingredients and can also be modified to reflect the dietary needs of all partygoers.


Not only are these suggestions great for celebrations, they’re ideal to take on a picnic or pop in a lunchbox. Here are some super substitutions for five ‘classic’ stalwart snacks to help you pull off a nourishing party buffet with a bang!



  1. Superfood Those Sarnies


One could argue that it’s not really a buffet without the addition of a delicious triangular-shaped treat. However, you don’t have to forgo the sammiches altogether… just change them up a bit. You don’t even have to ditch the carbs either, just go for a healthier wholemeal option and layer with delicious, natural, brightly-coloured spreads made from beetroot, carrot, spinach and peas as shown in this recipe for Rainbow Sandwiches. Another great option are these bread-free Inside Out Cucumber Sandwiches which you can stack high with a variety of fun fillings. These can be easily constructed before the party begins or by hungry kids when it comes to snack time!


  1. Let Them Eat Cake!


The pièce de résistance of a party is, without doubt, the cake. It probably wouldn’t be very much of a celebration without one. But please don’t fret… there’s no need to miss out on the ceremony of candles and cutting at a healthier-style buffet. This utterly delicious, easy to make Apple Spice Cake with Maple is a thoroughly yummy option and will really hold its own as table centerpiece at any party; the beautiful strawberry and beetroot ombré cream cheese frosting really provides a vibrant pop of colour. Perfect for the youngest of birthday candidates is Baby’s First Birthday Cake, stuffed full of delicious fruits such as peach and banana and can be divided into cupcake sized-portions which are ideal for little hands to negotiate.                                                                                                               


  1. Stop the Pop?


A brightly- coloured, slightly lurid beverage in hand is somewhat a rite of passage at any kid’s party. But healthy need not mean dull and these drinks are most certainly delicious. Why not try a filling, creamy milkshake as a thirst-quenching alternative? This Healthy Strawberry version can be whipped-up in front of your partygoer’s very eyes and is packed full of delicious berries that can be substituted for any other fruit they might happen to desire. For something cooling on a hot summer’s day, this No Added Sugar Watermelon Mint Lemonade is not only delectable to drink, but also delightful to look at and is bursting with flavour.


  1. Stick It to ‘Em!


Sausages, pickled onions…. there’s nothing quite like food on a stick to really cement a decent buffet and a healthy spread most certainly doesn’t have to do without. Both of our featured recipes Rainbow Skewers and Caterpillar Kebabs use fruit, but these could be easily substituted for savoury items such as mini balls of cheese or a variety of vegetables to provide an equally stunning platter of colour. As with the Inside Out Cucumber Sandwiches, these snacks can be put together prior, or made into a construction activity for older kids at the table (always supervise due to skewer safety). First prize goes to the person who can build the longest, craziest looking, most colourful caterpillar!


  1. Pack(et) a Flavoursome Punch


A big bowl of crunchy crisps is always a feature at any buffet table, but these easy-to make, tasty Veggie Chips will provide a solid substitution. You can use a variety of veg; courgettes, sweet potatoes, beetroots and carrots all work well for this recipe. The process couldn’t be simpler, just slice, add your own yummy seasoning and pop in the oven and bake on the lowest setting until completely dry. Another scrumptious alternative are these fun-shaped Carrot Stars that are super-simple to bake and contain only four ingredients in total (one of those being carrot). Rope in your little birthday person to assist with these and they can display them on their party buffet table with pride!



If you’ve created any of these delicious delicacies and they’ve gone down a treat, or you have your own healthy take on a party buffet classic, please upload and share on our Facebook and Instagram pages (add link). We’d love to see your pictures and recipes!