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Top Tips For Throwing an Amazing Baby Shower

Throwing a baby shower for your closest friend or family member is a huge privilege but where do you start with organising this momentous occasion? Here are our top tips for throwing an amazing baby shower and one that will be remembered for all the right reasons!

gender reveal drinks


Mum to be

First off, make sure you check everything with Mum to be. What is to her taste? Does she know the sex of the baby and does she want this included? Check her list of guests to invite and find out how to contact them. If she doesn’t want to be overly involved, that means you get more of a free rein to completely surprise her… or perhaps you don’t even tell her at all?! This will be your own judgement call.

You will also want to consider whether or not children and babies are invited on the day. Personally, I find that a baby shower is a nice time to have a bit of away time from being a Mum and a great way to have a catch up with friends, to enjoy a bit of downtime and to celebrate without being distracted.


Time of Day

With your list of guests, you obviously need to work out a date that most people can do and work out a time that will suit them as well as your Mum to be (Whatsapp groups, messenger groups are good ways to touch base and putting some ideas out there before sending invites). Having a baby shower over lunchtime tends to work really well because you can offer nibbles, sandwiches, cakes etc in between games and chat. It also means that Mum to be will be able to take a well-deserved nap later on in the afternoon!



Everyone loves afternoon tea style party food as it is just enough to keep going back to throughout the do and is an easy way of providing some fantastic food in a manageable way. No one wants to sit down with a knife and fork, so simple recipes are definitely the way forward. Homemade sausage rolls, mini pizzas, vegetable slices and dip, sandwiches, Vol-au-vents, quiche and so on are great party staples and for after? Well, it’s a party so let’s go crazy! Scones, mini Victoria sponges, sticky pineapple drizzle cake, jam tarts, brownies and of course, a baby shower cake.



Just because it’s a baby shower doesn’t mean you can’t provide a light tipple shall we say?! Bucks fizz, Prosecco, wine, Asti are all nice alcoholic drinks for a light lunch and as long as Great Aunt Doris doesn’t get a bit too tipsy you will all have a fantastic time! Obviously, you will also want to be well stocked with soft drinks, juice, tea and coffee… don’t forget decaf for any pregnant ladies.



Balloons, banners, table decorations, lanterns, photo booth props, bunting, baby reveal confetti, you name it we have it at Partyrama!!


Baby Shower Letter Balloons



There are so many game ideas around on the internet now and can be easily downloaded and printed for use at your baby shower. Some examples include:

  • bringing your own baby photos and guessing who is who
  • guess the weight, date of arrival, gender sheets which will result in a prize for the closest guesses once baby is born
  • guess the size of the bump with string
  • quizzes about childhood rhymes, tv shows, songs etc
  • pin the dummy on the baby
  • baby charades
  • the Daddy quiz (Dad is asked questions prior to the day and Mum needs to get the answers right)


Of course, there may be games that are a bit more, let’s say, risque, so do check who is attending before you start playing pin the sperm on the egg game!!



You’ll want music to create the ambience but you definitely don’t want this too loud or dominating. Everyone will want to be able to enjoy the music but will also want to be able to talk easily. A mixture of fun songs with more meaningful songs are perfect for occasions like this and it would be a very special touch if you included some favourites of the Mum to be. For more music ideas we have our very own Spotify list right here. 


Gender Reveal

If Mum to be wants the gender to be revealed in public, what better place to do it then the baby shower?! You’ve probably all seen the outrageous gender reveal videos that have gone viral across social media but sometimes less is more. At Partyrama we offer confetti shooters, jumbo balloons for popping and a helium balloon which can have a special note added for the reveal.


Gift Giving

You may want to set some time dedicated to gift giving and opening if Mum wants this included. It always gets everyone cooing and ahhing over cute baby items and can be a lovely way to bring the party to a close. If you are looking for some gift inspiration this blog post has some unique ideas.


Parting Gifts

Like at children’s birthday parties you could consider giving thank you gifts or keepsakes from the special day. Perhaps homemade, personalised cookies or cakes? Maybe an angel trinket for each special person who will be in the baby’s life or a candle for everyone to light once the baby arrives? Other favours I have come across include hand cream, nail varnishes, bath bombs, bath pamper kits, chocolates and soap. Mum will probably want to be involved with this part of her baby shower.


baby shower gifts


We hope you can find everything you need on our site and wish you an amazing baby shower.  


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