Awesome Halloween Costume Ideas For Kids

Awesome Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

Halloween season is one of the most fun times of the year, and here to break down some awesome Halloween Ideas for kids is the wonderful Emma Reed from


The weather is changing, there is a chill in the air and the nights are drawing in. This can only mean one thing… Autumn is upon us, which means my favourite time of year is coming– Halloween! I’m often asked what it is I love about the occasion and there are just so many things. The pumpkin carving, the homemade spooky food, the funky decorations, the excuse to eat plenty of chocolate and candy and of course, the fancy dress costumes!


Who doesn’t enjoy dressing up and applying far too much face paint, eh?! And do you know what’s even better? When you have kids to dress up too!


So, here are some of our best ideas for awesome Halloween costume ideas for kids this year:



Let’s start with the cutesy, shall we? Who doesn’t love a baby dressed as a pumpkin?! It is probably the most common costume but putting your little cherub in a bright orange, chunky pumpkin outfit just has to be done! As they get older you can team this look with a brightly coloured face. Precious! Add to this some wonderful pumpkin decorations and you’re in for a treat.


Baby wearing a beautiful Halloween pumpkin outfit
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This is another costume idea that can be great from birth upwards. You can usually buy a baby all in one suit (black with skeleton design) which is really comfortable for them to wear and easy to dress them in. And to make it extra fun, some of these designs even glow in the dark! If you wanted to make the costume yourself this can be easily achieved by taking some old black clothing and sketching out a skeleton using chalk or white paint, sticky tape or by sewing on white fabric. There are plenty of ideas over on Pinterest if you fancy getting crafty this Halloween and you can accessorise using some of our extra special skeleton and tombstone decorations.


Girls wearing Skeleton Halloween Costumes



Simple, yet always such a fun one to create. Kids love face paints and you can really go to town with this one by painting a pink nose, whiskers, cat effect eyes and even adding brush strokes for the fur. If you fancy making your own costume I have a few ideas: For the tail, take an old pair of thick tights and cut one of the legs off. Stuff this with other old clothing/socks/wool etc and get your desired tail shape before sewing the open end together. For the ears, you will need a headband for attaching them to. You can either make the pointed ear shape out of card and colour these in as required or you could get really creative with black pipe cleaners. Just bend them into shape and twist around each other until they are sufficiently filled in. Alternatively, if you are good with a sewing machine you could make a pair of cat ears out of material and securely sew/attach into place.


Girl with a cat costume in Halloween


The Witch

Ahhh, the classic witch. You can’t go wrong with this one, can you? It is an outfit that can be very easy to buy or even make at home and you can add your own twists as you see fit. Green wig or blue wig? Pointed hat or spiders in your hair? Fake nose or added warts? Broomstick or a black cat sidekick? It really doesn’t matter because no one has the same perception of how a witch should actually look. So this is where you can really let your child’s imagination run free! 

It can be great fun to watch them coming up with new ideas, face paint designs and just let their personalities come out in what they choose to create.

If you are looking for some twists on the standard witch, perhaps you could draw inspiration from other places?

Perhaps a bit of Disney… How about Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty with those iconic horns and staff? Add the finishing touches with blood red lipstick and over the top eyeliner.

Roald Dahl provided the most grotesque version of witches with their bald heads and square feet, large nostrils and blue spit! Why not bring your favourite author’s imagination to life… just picture that blue spit freaking everybody out!

And who isn’t a big Hocus Pocus fan? I know I am! The three Sanderson Sisters have a great look with their classic dresses and laced boots, crazy hair and over the top make-up.


Cute little witch costume with a pumpkin.



With the release of the new Hotel Transylvania film this Summer, the Vampire costume is definitely going to be a big hit with the kids this Halloween. It is another costume idea that can be tailored to how your child wants to look. Smaller children will want a softer look, not quite so scary which can be achieved by buying a simple outfit and not using the false teeth or blood effect makeup. The look tends to consist of a white shirt, black trousers, red belt and tie or bowtie plus a flowing cape. 

For older children, they usually love to go all out with this side so let them run wild with that fake blood and face paint! You will need white for the entire face, black for those touches around the eyes and red for the gruesome blood effect!


Portrait of boy dressed up as halloween vampire



If you haven’t heard of Disney’s Vampirina yet, you are likely to very soon! A show over on the Disney channel which is growing in popularity and you can assure it’s going to do so even more as Halloween draws closer. Vampirina is a little vampire living in Transylvania and who has to fit in with her new human friends. Her look consists of blue skin, bat-shaped pigtails in her hair and a cobwebbed pinafore style dress.


Vampirina Costume



This is probably one for your older kids… why do they love zombies so much?! The costume is so easy to make (as long as you don’t mind ripping some clothes, of course!) Suits are usually the most popular choice of clothing as it portrays the human who has just been turned on their way home from work but anything ripped, clothing hanging down, made grubby with some dirt and fake blood-stained will definitely do the trick. As for face paint, white out the face, use black to highlight cheekbones and eye sockets and apply red around the mouth to look like dripping blood. You could also spray their hair black with some fun hairspray or opt for a wig. Once you’ve managed all of this, all that’s left to do is to master that iconic ‘death walk’!


A boy wearing a zombie Halloween kids costume


Frankenstein’s Monster

If you go for this costume idea then you’ve gotta do it right. Think square hair, bolts out of the head, ripped jacket, oversized shoes and be prepared to use A LOT of green face paint! However, if you don’t want to completely cover your child in paint, why not make their head out of a cardboard box? Cut out a square shape at the front for their face, paint the majority green and add black on top for the hair, then use an old pipe for the bolts. Your other option is to choose one of our face masks.


Frankenstein Costume Worn By A Girl


A Mummy

Now, this could be fun (or messy, depending on how willing your child is!) I would either opt for twisting them up in toilet roll (at least this way it comes off easily when they decide they’ve had enough) or raid the first aid kit for all the bandages and wrap them up in this… safely, of course. 


Child's Mummy outfit for Halloween



This works really well for all ages and as long as you’ve got something red in their wardrobe you could make do and create at home. However, there is an abundance of devil costumes out there on the market, dresses, capes, all in ones, horns, pitchfork, you name it and you can buy it.


Girl wearing a devil Halloween costume



“Who you gonna call?”… Well, you can pick up a ready-made Ghostbusters costume from many speciality fancy dress retailers but if you are a homemade costume type-parent you can easily achieve this look without spending mega bucks! You will need to find some little overalls and I can guarantee you that second-hand shops or selling sites will have something along these lines. With Ghostbuster’s being available to watch on Netflix (oh yes, my 4-year-old is as addicted to that 90’s cartoon as I was the first time around!) there is merchandise beginning to appear online and in some high street stores. We picked up a badge for £1 the other week in a comic book style store, so keep your eyes peeled. If you can’t find a badge you can always get creative with fabric pens or paints and don’t forget to add some slimer splats for effect!! As for their proton pack, take a cardboard box that will sit nicely on your child’s back. Paint this black. You can then use polystyrene squares, more cardboard, toilet roll holders, old wires or string and other packets from around the house that may be suitable (and easy to paint and glue). I’ve seen plenty of different homemade packs so you don’t need to get too hung up on what bits go where. Get crafty, get the kids involved and get sticking. Once the pack is made, you can attach an old bit of hose (maybe from a vacuum or a plumbing part) to a torch and voila, you have your Neutrona Wand (or ghost zapper!) Turn on the torch for the effect!


Ghostbusters Halloween Costume for children



If you have more than one child, why not go the whole hog and have slimer in the gang too? A large green sheet with the eyes and mouth cut out is a great starting point for your little ball of slime. You will need to get a bit crafty with the teeth and tongue, perhaps some more material to create this or how about a bit of card? If you were feeling very ambitious you could even try your hand at papier mache. For the final touches, you can’t be slimer without all of the slime!


A child wearing a Slimer from Ghostbusters Halloween costume
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Which kids Halloween costume do you think you’ll choose for this years spooky season? Let us know in the comments below or tag us on social media using the hashtag #partyramauk


Awesome Halloween Costume Ideas For Kids


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