Pooh Bear And Friends

Pooh’s Picnic

Now that the schools out for summer, we have been looking for some inspiration for some summer parties, and one thing we all love to do, when the weather is nice, is go for a picnic!


Does everyone remember going on a teddy bears picnic when they were younger? Taking their bears along for some honey sandwiches and cake. This is a small spin on that, with our favourite bear in tow! So Winnie the Pooh and the gang are joining us for a picnic in the sun.


This is brilliant for the smaller ones to get together, and bring along their favourite teddy bear. Lay out a nice comfy blanket or cover a picnic bench with our red chequered table cover to start the look.





We have some charming Winnie the Pooh tableware to set the scene, including matching loot bags too, so everyone can go home with a slice of this amazing bumblebee cake!






If the weather doesn’t hold up, head inside and decorate your house with scene setter room rolls or cutouts to really bring the outdoors in! If you’re feeling green fingered, get the guests to decorate their very own mini plant pot and all plant a seed. This is a fab keepsake, and also something that will keep them busy throughout the summer at home.






Serve up some honey sandwiches for your bears feast, tomato and mozzarella toadstools will go down a treat too!


Being outdoors the activities are endless. You can go on a bear hunt, Play stuck in the ‘honey’ (see what we did there?!) Get the water pistols out to cool off. You name it! This fun and simple party idea will keep all the little bear cubs entertained this summer!