EURO 2016 Party Supplies & Decorations

Get Ready For EURO 2016 !

With UEFA EURO 2016 just around the corner, we’re pleased to announce that we have everything you need to throw a brilliant EURO bash in stock today!  From flags, bunting and decorations, to noise makers, inflatables, trophies and party games, we’ve got you covered.  We even have an exclusive EURO 2016 Wall Chart to track your teams progress through the tournament!  Here’s a little run down of what you can find right now in the shop…


Flags & Bunting




We have a fantastic range of flags and bunting, covering all of the teams involved in this years tournament, so no matter where you are from or which team you are cheering on, you can wave your flag high and proud.  The flags are well proportioned with dimensions of 5ft x 3ft, making them ideal for both kids and adults, as well as for decorative purposes.


Not only do we have all of the flags, we also have some smaller flags and picks you can use to wave your team on and decorate snacks!  Ideal for garden parties and even to take to the stadiums if you are one of the lucky ones with tickets!


Tableware & Catering




As well as a superb range of flags and bunting, we also have some awesome and unique tableware and catering for those garden parties and gatherings.  We have a wide variety of themes that cover not only the individual competing nations, but also an international theme which would sit beautifully at any EURO 2016 party.


Not only do we have the themed tableware and catering, but our selection of plain coloured catering supplies for barbecues and the like is one of the most comprehensive in the country!  Tablecovers, banquet rolls, napkins, cutlery, cups and plates and much much more – you can check out our selection of catering supplies in their entirety here!


Party Accessories




Adding those little extra  touches to a party really make a difference, and we have a wide array of goodies to make your gathering as fun and enjoyable as possible.  If you are running sweepstakes or competitions, we have a great selection of trophies, medals and inflatables you can hand out as prizes.


We also have loot bags and sweets for the kids, party poppers and noisemakers for when you score that all important goal in injury time, and also we have a great selection of face paints too!  What garden or indoor football celebration would be complete without big inflatable footballs either?  Check out the full range of EURO 2016 party essentials here!


EURO 2016 Wall Chart



Exclusive to Partyrama, we have a fantastic new Wall Chart you can hang up to track the progression of the tournament.  Including all of the details you need, including kick off times, groups, teams, stadiums and how the teams progress, the EURO 2016 Wall Chart is the ideal addition to any avid football fan’s space this summer!

The chart is printed on durable weatherproof PVC, and is ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, offices, clubs, schools, gardens, pubs and wherever else you follow the football!  It is available in sizes ranging from A3, all the way up to giant A0, all at affordable prices.  Check it out here!


Hopefully that gives you a little insight into the additional fun that can be had this summer following EURO 2016!  If you enjoyed this post, please feel free to share with your friends and family!  Have an awesome summer, from all at 🙂