Emoji Updates June 2016

No Need To Facepalm – 72 New Emojis Coming To Your Phone In June!

Everyone loves an emoji – they have certainly taken over the world of instant messaging and social media.  Well, apart from that boss one time who limited me to using three smiley faces in emails per day… needless to say I didn’t last long there (Partyrama are far more accommodating thankfully!).


Our Immortal Emoji Overlords, or as they prefer to be known, the Unicode Consortium, have submitted 72 new emojis to go live on your phones from the 21st June.  With new faces including boxing gloves, a random kiwi, baguettes, bacon and our personal favourite, the pinocchio nose, we can’t wait to put these to use!  Just never EVER send us the clown.  Clowns… shudder…


Emoji Updates June 2016


They also have some excellent timing, as we have just take stock of some awesome new emoji products to go with our balloons and party supplies range – check out our photo props, key rings, rubbers, tote bags, loot bags, invitations, stickers and loads more today!


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Which is the best new emoji?  Tell us your favourite and how you intend to use them in the comments below!  If you liked this article, please share with family and friends and connect with us on Twitter and Facebook.  Thank you 🙂