Prepare to Refresh

So the summer is drawing to an end, you’ve got an awesome tan and some hilarious stories under your belt. Now its time to go back to school. For some, this is a slightly nervous transition up to University and we’re here once again to offer some guidance. When you arrive, its not quite time for lectures and learning just yet, they do give you a chance to adjust and meet everyone. So let Freshers week begin! 




We have plenty of supplies to help you become the master of all parties, and pre drink events! With shot glasses in a range of shapes and styles, you can come up with as many drinking games as you wish. If you’re planning on hosting a cocktail party, then our neon pitchers are ideal for serving up your concoctions. 




Also for those who haven’t yet developed their washing up skills – disposable tableware! Genius! Plates, cups, napkins and cutlery, you can just throw away. Although we would highly recommend getting friendly with the washing up bowl at some point, as this isn’t our most environmentally friendly suggestion. Serve up plenty of nibbles in one of our many snack trays and instantly gain friends. Students love to get fed remember!





If you’re a little more ambitious and want to plan some bigger scale events then do it! We have plenty of ideas to help you pull off an awesome Freshers ball, from 80’s, disco to a Hawaiian Luau.So come and check out our range of ‘back to school supplies’ here at Partyrama!