Wild Luau Theme Gift Bags

Neon Safari

Here at Partyrama, we are always looking for new party trends and themes to make your event stand out from the rest. And today we have one idea we would like to share. Safari, and not just any safari…Neon! 



You may or may not have seen on the internet, a new craze is building, for spray painted animals. Not real animals! Just the plastic ones. They can easily be spray painted and turned into something much more exciting.


Like a candle holder or a fridge magnet. But we just like them to roam freely around the buffet table as we get started with our Neon Safari theme.



neon garland - after


So the main element is of course glow sticks. We have plenty available, in various different pack sizes so everyone will be pleased.


If you dont want to wave it around all night, just break one and mix with clear nail varnish for instant glow nails!


We have plenty of balloons to choose from including our impressive Illoom balloons that glow!



Our Wild Luau theme is great for dressing the party table and dont forget our Neon tableware -we have pitchers, punch bowls, cutlery and loads more!


Take a look on our Pinterest board for more inspiration and add some colour to your safari party this summer.