Wedding Party Supplies

I’m Getting Married in the Morning!

So you’ve got engaged! Congrats! Now the stressful bit… Planning your big day.


It doesn’t have to be stressful though. It’s all about planning. Any event, big or small, if planned out in advance, should be 100% stress free! So get a bunch of wedding mags, scour Pinterest as if your life depends on it and get building a wedding scrapbook. This is the place where all your wedding inspiration and ideas should live so you have something to refer back to.


Wedding themes, venue, date and catering


Once you have a solid theme – everyone’s wedding has a ‘theme’ lets not kid ourselves here! – you can start properly planning your day. The best place to start would be the date and venue(s). These key factors go hand in hand. If you choose a date, but your venue can’t accommodate, then things may need to change. So get those both set in stone, then you can send out those all important save the dates!


Next on the list would be caterers. Again, do this in enough time to make sure they can work with the date. You may want to go for a tasting session to make sure they are the one, and plan your menu around your guests. If you are unsure about your guests dietary requirements then check! Phone or email them to clear up any allergies or no nos.



Wedding dress and bridal accessories


We’re pretty sure every woman has dreamt of their wedding dress since they were little girls, so it shouldn’t take long to find ‘the one’. But leave the final fittings until the last few weeks, so any changes in your body shape won’t affect the dress on the big day! And don’t forget your accessories!


Wedding cake


When it comes to your wedding cake, it’s all in the presentation. A lot of people are getting down and dirty in the kitchen and baking their own cake, so why not give it a try. A simple Victoria sponge is always a winner, and a rustic butter cream topping is bang on trend! Or how about going shop bought. Stack some sponges and decorate with fresh fruit and flowers for a country chic vibe.




Wedding decorations and table decorations


No wedding is complete without decorations of course! Choose from one of our brand new party themes to style out your big day, or how about getting creative with our plain colour decorations.


Our crepe paper streamers are simple to use and you can create a whole host of looks in a matter of minutes! Tie individual lengths to your chairs for that extra touch of colour. Or drape across ceilings to complete any circus theme!


Truly Scrumptious barn main


If you’re uber crafty, then create your very own tassel garland using our tissue paper. If you simply don’t have the time or patience, then a miniature one to top your wedding cake is a lot less time consuming.



Personalised wedding products


For that personal touch, then how about creating your own decorations? We can personalise a whole host of items, from ribbons, banners, sashes, Cardboard cutouts and masks. Simply upload your text and photos on the website and you can see the preview right away!


For all those finishing touches, be sure to head on over to the site today, and feel free to share your big day with us on social media!