Party Bunting

Celebrating Britain and our Troops

The Queen is lucky isn’t she?! Two birthdays!


Her actual Birthday is on April 21st and then an official Birthday on a Saturday in June. So on Saturday 14th marked her official birthday celebrations, with a trooping the colour ceremony, RAF flypast and various displays of army drill and horsemanship. A very gracious occasion.


It got us all thinking that we could really do with a great British bash this year. The Royal wedding seems like a distant dream and of course the Queens Diamond Jubilee feels like a faded memory. Well, coming up is Armed Forces day on the 28th June. Now if that isn’t a reason to throw a party, we don’t know what is. Celebrate and honour our armed forces community with a party, fete, or fundraiser.




So let’s celebrate throughout the summer and get patriotic with a great British street party! Invite all of the neighbours, friends and family and host a huge event to celebrate our Great Britain and our Armed Forces! We have plenty of red, white and blue decs and Great British tableware to decorate your venue. We even have some camo items for your Armed Forces fundraiser!




We are a nation of diverse nationalities and with that come some fantastic recipes and dishes. So invite everyone to bring a dish that they feel best represents Britain – don’t all shout fish and chips at once! For many it’s a curry or a Sunday roast. So how about marinating your own tikka bites, or baking mini Yorkshire puds with a host of sweet or savoury fillings. Bite size cream teas will go down a treat, or get creative with a trifle filled with lots of goodies! Or just simply get the Barbie out!Hold games for your guests to compete in and raise some money for our troops. There are various armed forces charities that need our help, so charge your guests to go apple bobbing, or if you’re handy with a brush do some face painting for the kids!


If you’re not sure who you want to donate to, take a look through a list of a few recognised charities on the official armed forces web page:


Please share the love whatever your plans are! We do like a good party. Upload pictures and tag us into them on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. And don’t forget to use ‘#Partyrama’ in your posts so we can find you!