Happy New Year!

Let the countdown begin!


Are you ready? Get those sparklers out, party hats on and set the champagne on ice because New Years Eve has landed! We hope you’re prepared for any countdown parties tonight – if not we have some top tips on prepping for the night ahead.




  • First things first make sure your best frock is ready to go – that means washed, ironed and hung up waiting…
  • Now make sure your party space is clean and tidy ready for the decs.
  • Start all decorations with the table, as this can take the longest but can be sat waiting for food whilst you pump up balloons. So sprinkle that confetti and position those favours.
  • Next up the hanging decorations, garlands, bunting and banners. If you’re prepping a photo backdrop this can be done now – our shimmer curtains are perfect for this!
  • If you are serving up any food now is a great time to prep these – get anything in the oven that needs cooking, piece together any little appetizers you are dishing up and pop these in the fridge.
  • Now time for the Balloons. Get these blown up and positioned around your venue – cluster your balloons in odd numbers and at different heights for a simple yet attractive arrangement.
  • Now it’s time for you! Get yourself glammed up and jump in that party frock, and get out the entrees for your guests who are about to arrive. Turn that music up and enjoy your countdown!


We would like to wish you a very happy new year and look forward to all your celebrations throughout 2015!