Banners and Bunting

So You Want to Throw a Party?

Make a list!


So you want to throw a Party? Well, we’ve compiled our top tips here at Partyrama, to bring you the ultimate guide to throwing an Epic bash!


We’re going to be planning our own ‘Party’ so you can go through it in real time! To get started we would suggest having a sit down with a cuppa… all this excitement is too much! But also, grab a pen and paper and jot down some ideas.


Think about what you’re celebrating, is it a Birthday, Anniversary, Baby shower? Who’s coming? Is it just family, some friends too? What time do you want to host your party? During the day or in the evening, that way you can work out if your guests need feeding or if you’re just serving drinks.


Jot down theme ideas – is this a kids party, for grown ups, or for everyone? You should finish your tea with a nice beefy list of ideas ready to put into action, like this –


Party planning guide drawing



English summer will prevail and we’ll have some sunshine, so we have complete free reign in our large Pub garden. We have a couple of garden tables to decorate and the lawn area is surround with trees, so we have an idea of what we need to decorate. We’re going to hang bunting from the trees and set up some buckets around the lawn filled with water and flowers. We’re going for that summery festival theme, So we have sourced some faux grass ready to fashion into table runners with some colourful animals dotted about.


Naturally there will be balloons, which we will inflate on the day, ready to tie down to our tables. So most of our decorations can be done a few hours before the party, the only DIY part is the colourful animals. This is so simple, all you need is a few plastic toy animals, an assortment of spray paint and some fresh air! Lay out your animals on some newspaper or an old towel. And simply spray your animal until completely coated, making sure you are well ventilated at all times. Leave these to dry overnight and Voilà! Some fun and funky table decorations! If you’re feeling really creative then how about miniature party hats?!


neon garland - spraypaint

Party Food


So our decorations are planned, prepped and ready to go, we’ve found a nice frock to wear, so the final thing we need to worry about is the food. We’re going for light nibbles, sarnis and cakes to keep things simple. We would suggest organising your food the week before the party – giving yourself enough time to buy the food and leave room for forgetting vital ingredients! We all know there’ll be something….




You should have received your RSVPs now the party is looming, so you know if anyone is allergic to anything, or if they are being super healthy. Our guests are fairly easy going and have no dietary requirements, except for Tara’s mum who can’t eat anything containing gluten. So we have got three different types of bread for the sandwiches. White, brown and Gluten free, ready to be filled with cheese and pickle, gammon and mustard and coronation chicken. These can be made the night before, just be sure to leave a damp tea towel in the Tupperware container to keep them fresh!


We’ve also gone for some cold chicken pieces, sticky cocktail sausages, lots of veggies and fruit to pick at and some crisps. We’ve made some little cards so it’s clear what contains gluten, just to avoid any allergy issues with Tara’s mum. Just because someone is coming with an allergy, don’t let that take over your party food. Just be sure to provide plenty of snacks for either diet, and make sure everything is labelled! You could stick little food flags in the ‘Safe’ foods if it’s any easier.


Cakes and Cupcakes


Tara’s Mum has offered to bake some gluten free cupcakes to bring, which is very kind!


So alongside those, we have a few standard cupcakes coming from the local bakery. If anyone offers to bring food, let them! Never take it as an insult.


It’s less for you to make, for one, and also you know they will be happy eating what they bring too.


We’ll set up our cakes on cake stands on the day.




Final touches… And enjoy!!!




We’re all set! It’s now the night before our party so sit down, put your feet up and check back through that list you did a few weeks ago. The weather’s still looking good, so our venue is a winner, all our guests have RSVP’d so we don’t need to fret about no one turning up!


Our sandwiches are in the fridge along with the other cold nibbles. Decs are ready and waiting by the front door and our frock is nicely pressed! Head to your venue a few hours before your party. Inflate those balloons, hang up that bunting and set up your tables and flower buckets. Lay out the food at 2 o’clock, but keep it covered – we all know our guests will be a few minutes late but we don’t want the bugs to gate crash this special day!


You’re all set! It’s now time to enjoy your party. All this planning has made us a little sad… we wish we were really going to a baby shower in the sun….